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Joseph Wesley Black Tea No. T1 is an organically-certified tea made from the
famed Long Jing cultivars of China’s Zhejiang Province. Hand harvested from the
mountains of Zhu Jia Jian island in the Putuo district of the Zhoushan archipelago
in the Pacific Ocean. This full leaf, crystal clear, amber colored tea is naturally
sweet and earthy, can be enjoyed throughout the day, and will pair with any of your
favorite adjuncts (milk and sugar / spice and honey). Because these leaves were
handpicked and left whole, a tea bag can be steeped many times. Whether you drink
this tea on a cool autumn evening or a dew filled summer morning, we hope you
enjoy the craft and care that went into the creation of this tea.

Net Wt. 30 grams – 15 silken tea sachets


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