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Limited Edition Tea

Limited Edition Tea

Every season we add new limited-edition teas to celebrate the ingenuity, creativity, and skill of the farms and farmers with which we work.  The following are our current limited-edition teas:

(1) Bai Mu Dan (white tea) - Hailing from the Fuding Prefecture in China's Fujian Province, this organic white tea is made from Fuding's famous Da Bai cultivar and has been crafted to the highest quailty. Hand-plucked and meticulously withered and dried, these full leaves produce a crystal clear, hay-colored liquor with a sublimely sweet taste and aroma. This tea sets the standard for what a white tea could and should be.(harvested April 2016 - $6.50 / 25g).

(2) BaiHao YinZhen (white tea) - An authentic Fuding Silver Needle White tea, this extremely high-grade tea is a game changer. The buds of this hand picked, hand withered tea produces a honey-like sweetness and a complex floral aroma that exhibits the beauty and sophistication of a world-class tea. A true work of art from one of the most famous tea gardens in the birthplace of white tea (harvested April 2016 - $10.00 / 25g)

(3) HuangShan MaoFeng (green tea) - A classic Chinese green tea, this superior grade HuangShan MaoFeng is grown in China's Anhui Province and consists of only the bud and two leaves. It was meticulously crafted in the traditional HuangShan style with repeated stages of baking and cooling in a manual wood-fired oven. By repeatedly baking and cooling these very delicate leaves, the tea masters have produced a remarkably sweet honey-like taste and aroma with no hint of bitterness or astringency. This beautiful work of art sets the standard for how a green tea should taste.  (harvested April 2016 - $12.00 / 25g).

(4) AliShan (oolong tea) - Smell and taste this tea and any writing about it will become irrelevant and superflous. Its quality of construction and its remarkable floral taste and aroma demonstrate that this oolong is of the highest quality. Hand harvested at 2100 meters on the famous Ali Mountain of southern Taiwan, this tea's full and large leaves produce a crystalline yellow liquor and an aroma reminiscent of a field of wildflowers on a cool spring morning. This tea elevates our expectations for how a tea can make you feel. (harvested April 2016 - $10.00 / 25g).

(all teas are sold in 25 gram units and are not available in our sample packages)


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